Mar 12, 2021 • 30M

Patience with Packers in free agency, secret star Adrian Amos, more

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Peter Bukowski
Peter Bukowski from SB Nation, Packer Report and more brings you a daily look at the Green Bay Packers year round with Locked On Packers! Go beyond the latest injury news into what you're seeing on the field, how it works, and how it might change with new players or against a division rival. It's the podcast for fans who know what happened, they want to know why and how! Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.
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In a historic free agent class, packed full of former starters, the Packers can afford to be patient, which is about all they can afford. Plus, we explain why Adrian Amos is one of the most important Green Bay defenders coming into 2021 and how his familiarity with the defense will be essential to his side of the ball hitting the ground running.

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