Nov 14, 2019 • 35M

Where do the Packers thrive and where can they improve?

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Peter Bukowski
Peter Bukowski from SB Nation, Packer Report and more brings you a daily look at the Green Bay Packers year round with Locked On Packers! Go beyond the latest injury news into what you're seeing on the field, how it works, and how it might change with new players or against a division rival. It's the podcast for fans who know what happened, they want to know why and how! Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.
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It's out Packers bye week self-scout as we dig into Green Bay's team like an opponent. Where are they beating teams and where can they be exploited? What could they be doing more of to produce better results? What about where they can do less? We strip the team down the studs in evaluate.

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