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I am more concerned about coaching than I am about "hero ball." In close games, this team has been very poor in late game red zone possessions. Rodgers looks like the same QB he has for years, but whatever schemes they have for the Red Zone are inadequate.

First, Dillon should not be in there instead of Jones in a must have goal to go situation. Do they not even look at the stat sheets? Any fantasy football player can tell you that Jones scores a lot of TD's. Yes, with a head of steam, Dillon may run over someone (but not in goal line situations) but frankly he does it so rarely that he should not be in there in that situation. Jones is so much better at finding the seams and is just as good at getting the tough yard after contact.

Second, what happened to scheming WR open? I thought that was the whole idea with this brand of offense. Is it possible that the Sean McVay branch of this offense is being figured out and only the Kyle Shanahan branch continues to innovate?

Third, if you watch the Vikings, they are always doing things to get Justin Jefferson open. Why can't MLF do some of things to free up Dobbs? This line our wideouts up against the other sides team and expect them to "get open" isn't working. I like Dobbs, I think he can become a true number one, but even the best #1's need scheme to help.

Finally, Gutey's decision to trade up for Watson versus waiting and drafting Pickens or Pierce is starting to look like a serious mistake. Watson isn't a bust, but clearly there were more immediate impact players available at lower cost in the second round. MLF isn't even trying to get him deep anymore, when he is healthy enough to play. Was the course of this season changed so much because of that Drop (yes it may make itself to a proper noun) on the first offensive play of the season? It is possible. I am not sure Brent Fullwood ever regained his confidence after fumbling that kickoff return at the 4 yard line going in for a touchdown his rookie year. https://www.acmepackingcompany.com/2011/4/7/2096534/top-10-draft-busts-since-1980-brent-fullwood

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